Submersible pumps

Submersible pumps for sewage and wastewater with motor flooded in dielectric oil with impeller, 2-blade type. Designed for all types of work; rough, continuous and intermittent. For portable and fixed installations.

Submersible aerators

Submersible aerators for the treatment of sewage and wastewater with engine flooded in dielectric oil with one-piece star impeller in stainless steel. Silent system, mixing from the bottom, zero odors, maximum efficiency and energy saving.

Submersible mixers

Submersible mixers for removal, dispersion, mixing and circulation of solids. With dielectric oil-flooded engine with stainless steel one piece propeller.

CCM and control boards

Motor Control Centers and Control Boards for the automation, control and start of submersible equipment. Easy operation visualization, protection by phase or high voltage drops and humidity and temperature measurement.

Specialized trucks

Specialized vehicles for the attention of hydrometeorological emergencies.

Separator of solids

Sieve, separator of solids for the treatment of sewage and wastewater.